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Confluence, 2016
Aggregate Space, Oakland, CA

Confluence is a site specific installation consisting of six 14’ tall silos. They vary in size from three foot in diameter to seven foot in diameter and are spread evenly in a maze throughout the 47ft x 12ft main gallery space. The gallery has been fully painted black and the floors have been carpeted wall to wall with black carpet.  One hundred small surface transducers and 12 base shakers (low frequency surface transducers) have been attached to the inside of the cylinders turning the silo’s themselves into speakers. Two large subwoofer have been inserted into the seven foot silo which has a slight opening. This allows the viewer to see into the black void inside the silo and feel the ultra-low frequency sound that emanates from it. The sound in the installation is made up of multiple low frequency sine tones which vibrate harmonically starting as low as 19 hertz. Together they create an undulating movement of sound that draws the viewer through the space. 
Confluence 2.jpg
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