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Cease, 2015

Cease is an immersive installation that utilizes surface transducers to turn both the walls and the center sculpture into speakers. The walls of the room have been paneled with painted black wood and turned into resonators for sound which hum and vibrate at a low, ominous, dissonant frequency. The center sculpture is six feet round and ten feet tall and there is a slight opening in the center of the sculpture to allow the viewer to look inside at the soft white felt interior. The sound emanating from the opening of the sculpture is a slightly harmonic tone, giving the sculpture a feeling of warmth and comfort as the viewer engages with it. The windows in the room have also been altered with a blue tint reminiscent of stained glass and saturate the room with a deep blue glow. The white plush felt interior of the center sculpture glows within the dark blue space of the room.
Cease Window shot.jpg
Cease Wall Window shot.jpg
Kate Lee Short - Cease 3.jpg
Cease 2.jpg
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