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At the core of my creative practice is a deep passion to unveil sacred moments in everyday life.  I primarily create large immersive installations that by scale alone ask people to engage all of their senses and come on a journey with me in search of these cherished spaces.  I seek to understand where the physical parameters of the work can give way to transcendent moments of awareness.
The work I do is often categorized as Sound Art and while it has a sonic element to it, I am most interested in engaging all of our senses in the pursuit of a larger goal.  I am concerned with how places embody power and can command a particular presence from people within them. The architecture of a space commands our bodies and minds to react in accordance with its intention. Through creating, modifying and transforming space, I am looking for ways to harness that inherent power to help find new ways of seeing, understanding, and transforming the world we live in.
On working in the Mojave Desert
The vastness of the Mojave Desert is transfixing. It captures the hearts and the imagination of many. Upon moving to the high desert, I was taken back by the silence, by how sound moved within this wide open landscape. The profound resonance of this space humbled me as an artist and I found myself quite reserved to add anything to the natural beauty that surrounded me. I quickly entered a space of deep contemplation as my pace in life began to match the new environment I was in. Geologic time, the juxtaposition of nature’s delicate hand and its iron fist, all of life at its extreme, it is a place where you come face to face with the most challenging elements of nature as well as the innermost parts of yourself. The depth of beauty and character, the spirit of the land slowly unfolds with both subtlety and grandeur. Its pace being a gift allowing for significant reflection, meditation and transformation. The Mojave Sound Art evolved out of my reflection upon the longevity of living and creating artwork within the vastness of this landscape. Please Visit to learn more about the organization and our events.

After 22 years of living in the San Francisco Bay area, I moved to Wonder Valley in December of 2016 to pursue working on large scale sound art installations and to allow a new chapter of my art practice to unfold.
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